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Baretek™ The World First True Saddle Alternative.The World First True Saddle Alternative.2 very different Designs for 2 very Different Ways of Ridding

According to the Kurgan hypothesis horses were probably first ridden as early as 4500 BC, others suggest a much earlier date of 30,000 BC. Regardless of when they were first ridden, the fact that we can all agree upon is that, the riding was done bareback or as some would spell it: bareback riding. For those of us that have been riding bareback we can collectively agree on the rewards of feeling the natural thing, allowing a direct communication with the world’s most adorable bare back riding machine. However, we also dread the considerable discomfort to our seat bones as well as to the horse’s spine while bareback riding.

Keeping the love of bareback riding and the dislikes of a traditional saddle, an innovative bare back riding product was designed; the world’s first true saddle alternative: Baretek™.

Thanks to popular consumer demand and the unprecedented popularity of this amazing bareback product, The World’s First True Saddle Alternative: Baretek™, caught on with traditional riders like wild fire. Even though of its expected success, Baretek™ went through its growing pains. Rather than sticking with a profit centered approach of mass production, Baretek™ sized its production until it could address this in its entirety. Production was held for the longest time, ensuring a structured manufacturing process was put in place, to meet its demand without compromising on any aspect of the quality. Baretek™ has since evolved perfecting every minute detail. We are delighted to let you know that; thanks to our enthusiast rider’s demand: “Baretek™ is Back”!!!

Baretek™ has received overwhelming love and support amongst bareback riders across the globe, giving us yet another reason to make The World’s First True Saddle Alternative: Baretek™.

So if you are looking for a revolution in natural riding while communicating with your horse at its very best, an ultimate dressage training aid, improving your riding with the first true saddle alternative or the one and only necessary training aid then choose between or both our Baretek™-English and Baretek™-Western.